New clothes!

I’m anxiously awaiting a shipment from Forever 21 today for a few new items to add to my closet! I’m excited to have discovered Forever 21’s Love 21 line which is designed with 20-somethings in mind rather than teenagers. Everything I bought is from that line, except for the necklace. One of my goals for my new wardrobe is to look more grown-up, so I should probably go ahead and focus on Love 21 when shopping at Forever 21. Check them out my purchases below!

1. Dress. I’ll be wearing this to a wedding over 4th of July weekend. Depending on how short this is, I may get away with wearing it to work. Isn’t the back so cute?

2. Shirts. If you were a faithful reader of Wash and Repeat, you know that I did not like jeans outfits mainly because I was lacking in the tops department. After today I’ll have 3 new shirts to wear on jeans Mondays and Fridays.
3. Necklace. Whimsical and cheap ($1.50!) to go with just about anything.

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