Kitteh Air Travel

Man BFF and I aren’t the only ones in our family who are jet-setters. Tobias flew with us to Baltimore to visit Man BFF’s parents last Christmas and he.was.awesome. After that we even drove to Connecticut with him to visit my sister and brother-in-law and he was so well behaved. I like to credit his good behavior to my careful research on pet travel (as well as the fact that he can do no wrong in my eyes). Here are some tips so you can bring your fur-baby with you next time you head out of town.

1. Research airline requirements for pet travel. Some airlines have breed restrictions and weight restrictions. Other airlines charge you a small fee for a “pet ticket.” And most airlines require you to have paperwork when you board that proves your pet has been approved for travel by their vet within the last 10 days.

2. Make sure your kitteh or puppeh is comfortable. If possible make sure that your pet is allowed to ride in the cabin with you. If not, consider leaving your little baby at home or confirm with the airline that the cargo hold’s temperature is regulated. Originally I bought this carrier for lil Toby, but as you can see, he was just too squished (but still cute)!

His comfort was my biggest concern, so I did a lot of research and landed on the Sherpa Deluxe Carrier. He absolutely loved it and now we even keep it out for him to sleep in. Here he is right before we headed out to the airport.

3. No sedations! Don’t even think about it. Sedatives can impair breathing which is a big problem at 30,000 feet.

4. Request to sit in the back of the plane. I had no idea what Tobias would do once we got on the plane. I certainly didn’t want him meowing (or worse, stinking up the plane) and everyone hearing/smelling him.

5. Line the bottom of the carrier with puppy pads. Tobias didn’t have any accidents, but I was still prepared.

6. Don’t worry (too much). If you have done your research, you’ll be prepared for anything. I was so proud of how well Tobias did and I can’t wait to take him on his next big adventure. Toby even had the chance to meet his cousin as a result of his airline travel. Check out Tobias and Jams (my sister’s kitteh) lovin’ each other!


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