New Purchases

After spending about $25 on my wedding outfit for this weekend, I still had $75 left to burn on my F21 gift card. My goal for shopping now is to focus on classic, essential pieces, however that is not easily accomplished with most Forever 21 items. I was originally going to buy a new outfit to wear to Jessica’s What I Wore book signing next week, but decided to go with a few pieces in the same palette that can be mixed and matched to create tons of lewks. Check them out!

1. Hat. Ok, I know it’s out there. But a “gentleman’s hat” is one of Nina Garcia’s top 100 must haves. It reminds me of what you’d see on Kourtney Kardashian in the “Airport Celebrity Style” section of US Weekly.

2. White Boyfriend T-shirt. Picture this + gentleman’s hat + jeans.

3. Faux Croc T-Straps.  I’m lovin the wood.
4. Denim Button-Up. I think this could become a staple.
5. Gold and Brown Necklace. Final touch!

2 thoughts on “New Purchases

  1. I love that t- shirt. I really like the oversized cut of a lot of tshirts this season. The hat kind of reminds me of a hat G’Briegs used to wear.

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