Wedding Memories

As I mentioned earlier this week, Man BFF and I are headed to a wedding today and we are pumped. We love weddings. We love cake. And we love, love, love dancing at weddings. Going to my friend’s wedding today has definitely made me think back to my and Man BFF’s wedding two years ago. I have never put so much time and energy into anything in my life, but it was my favorite day eva. Here are a few highlights to share.

1. The Dress. I saw this dress online. I tracked it down in Ohio. I tried it on. I bought it. No other dresses, this was the one. And yes, the jacket came with the dress. Lace + ruffles = dream dress.

2. The Tuxes. Remember when brown was the new black for tuxes? Well, I realize that gray is the now the new wedding black, but Man BFF and I picked gray tuxes 2 years ago (trend-setters?). Let’s be honest though, the real reason I picked these tuxes was because Gabriel Aubry was in the ads for them.

3. The Bachelor Proposal Set. You know on the last episode of The Bachelor when he’s about to propose and it looks like heaven? That was my vision for the flowers and decor during the wedding ceremony.

4. The Waterproof Mascara. Holy crap I cried a lot. I almost didn’t wear waterproof mascara. Can anyone say nightmare?

5. The Peonies. Hot.

6. The Send-Off. Holy rose petals.


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