No Vacation for Kitteh

So, I haven’t been blogging lately because Man BFF and I have been mayjahly busy traveling here and there on the weekends. We’ve mainly been heading out for little weekend jaunts, but they still take planning on our part, especially when it comes to our little guy, Tobias.

There is nothing more important to me than ensuring Tobias’ safety and comfort when we’re away from him. He’s too sweet to not take special care of him. Here are few ways that we spoil the baby kitteh when we head out of town:

1. Weekend at Gammy’s

My parents live about 30 minutes away and my mom is always my #1 choice for watching Tobias. She taught me what it means to be a cat lady, so I totally trust her to treat him like the little prince he is. His headquarters at my parents’ house is my old room and I keep his food, water, litter, and carrier (to sleep in) in there for him. He knows exactly where his room is and he’ll run straight into his room anytime he needs to escape all the hugs and kisses.

2. Pet Sitter

Whenever my parents are out of town, I rely on a pet sitter who is a vet assistant at Tobias’ vet. Although I much prefer Gammy, it’s certainly better than leaving him alone all weekend. One time my boss even offered to watch Tobias for a whole week and came over twice a day! That was amazing because (1) she loves cats and (2) I knew I could trust her. Having a personal friend as a pet sitter is always a better choice than a professional (in my experience) because they have a better idea of your expectations.

3. Bring him along

We’re brought Tobias along with us on a few trips (even when we flew once!) but it’s definitely the last resort. While traveling can be very stressful and tramatic for pets, I think it’s important to weigh all of your options and in the end your pet could have been more tramatized by being left at home.

Clearly, it’s a personal (or as Man BFF would say, poisonal) decision. But those are just a few of the ways we take care of kitty when we head out of town. Call us cat obsessed, but, then again, we are the kind of people that take pictures like this on a Friday night.


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