Countdown to Hawaii

Man BFF and I will be headed off for a weeklong Hawaiian vacation in just one month! Yay! The only thing standing in our way is moving to Chicago next weekend… but let’s briefly ignore the fact that we haven’t started packing. Instead of stressing about the move, I’m choosing to focus on shopping prep for Hawaii. Here’s what’s on my list:

1. One Piece Swimsuit

I’ve never been one to expose too much skin when it comes to swimsuits, but I would also prefer not to look like a g’ma on the Maui beaches. This swimsuit from JC Penney meets all my criteria, and it’s a cool $33.

2. Luggage

My current luggage set was a gift for my high school graduation and it’s seen better days. Those puppies have been to Scotland, India, Canada, Paris, and back! Even though they were originally hot pink, now they’re pretty dirty. Here’s the updated pink set from Target I have my eye on now for $169.99.

Product Image

3. Sunglasses

In a previous post I talked about how Nina Garcia says that the true classic sunglasses are wayfarers and aviators. I’ve tried to make myself want wayfarers, but I just can’t say that they’re “me.” Instead, I hope to opt for these more glamourous, $14 cheapies from Fred Flare.


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