Hello Chicago!

We made it! Despite a crazy weekend of moving, Man BFF, Tobias, and I are settled in our Chicago apartment and lovin it. I started my new job today and of course was most concerned about my outfit:

Here’s what went into my outfit-choosing-thought-process:

1. My new company is jeans-y, so I had to wear jeans.

2. I had to take the “L” to work, and walk on unsteady stairs, so I opted for flats.

3. The striped blazer is casual, yet structured, so it’s perfect for work.

4. I opted for an oversized clutch to look more “city-ish.” While it was impractical, I liked the vibe it gave.

All in all, I feel like I chose a great first-day-outfit and am excited to explore more jeans outfit possibilities. Especially considering that I now live within blocks of H&M, TJ Maxx, and Nordstrom Rack. Cha-chang!


2 thoughts on “Hello Chicago!

  1. Good to hear from you Sarah, We missed you and Adam at the Reunion. This kind we have once in 10 years and you missed it. I’d love to send you my opinions of it that I wrote but too long for here. I’ll send in the mail to Uncle Hubert. (Like Minutes of the Reunion) We had no business meeting. 65 in attendance, Uncle Jr. and Aunt Marjorie’s 60 wedding anniversary and 80th birthdays. It could not have been a nicer event. barb.

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