Crisis Averted

So, here’s what I wore today.


And here’s the story of the crisis I narrowly averted at work. While washing my hands in the bathroom, a woman walked by, stopped, touched my shoulder and whisper, “umm, excuse me, but your skirt is tucked in your underwear.” Whoever this lady was, she was an angel. Can you imagine? Me walking out of the bathroom on my 3rd day of work baring my skivvies?

After work, I decided to ditch my booty-revealing skirt and throw on some shorts for a walk with Man BFF in Millenium and Grant Parks. Although the shorts are short, the button-up shirt balances the outfit and makes it non-skank-ay.


Finally, after our walk, I had some mail to drop off in our apartment building and just had to take a pic of the mailbox because it’s too legit to not show off.



3 thoughts on “Crisis Averted

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