Weird Shirt

My sister used to live in LA and work in a fancy schmancy clothing boutique. It was awesome cause she had a mayjah discount and would send my mom and I expensive duds on the cheap. This shirt that I wore today is one such dud, and honestly, when she first sent it to me, I thought it was a totals dud. I was in high school and remember thinking, “I am NEVER going to wear this.” Eight years later, this shirt has survived my bi-annual closet purges and I’m heartless during those purges (ditched the skirt I wore when I met Adam and dress I wore when he proposed in my last purge). Lesson learned, don’t judge it till you try it on!


6 thoughts on “Weird Shirt

  1. I find myself constantly pushing past shirts hanging in my closet. There have been quite a few times this summer I asked myself why I haven’t worn something in quite a while. I make myself try to wear it and if I can’t handle it for even half a day I have been throwing it in a bag. I have a hard time “purging my closet” but these are the baby steps I have taken. There have been some things that I have found that I ended up wearing the whole day and then wearing again before I could even fold it again after I washed!

    • That’s a good first step! There’s nothing inherently wrong with hanging onto clothes you don’t wear (unless you don’t have the closet space). Just think about what it is you don’t like about the shirts you never wear (color, fit, sleeve, etc.) and stay away from similar shirts on your next shopping trip.

      • I just found a closet organizing article in a past issue of Better Homes and Gardens that said to turn all the hangers the wrong way so the “hook” is pointing outward and after you wear something and put it away hang the hanger correctly and that will give you an idea of the things you never wear. I am considering it.

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