Outfit Depth

I’ve discovered that one of the best ways to create an outfit is to think about its depth. For example, someone wearing a t-shirt, jeans, flip flops, and hair in a ponytail doesn’t have much depth to their outfit. Would adding a necklace make it better? In most cases, no. It would just look out of place. That’s why it’s important (for people who think clothes are important and not everyone has to) to strive for outfits with depth and meaning. Usually that boils down to putting thought into your outfit.

Here are my thoughts that went into this outfit:

1. I’ve been stuffed up with allergies and haven’t been feeling 100%, so to maintain comfort today I wanted flats.

2. Since I was going for a neutral shoe and shirt I needed pops of color. I chose a jade necklace and berry lips.

3. There was no way I was ironing my little jacket, so since it was imperfect I wanted to keep my hair imperfect so I just took a straightener to a few strands.

4. A girl from my old job (Jenni!) used to always carry clutches to work and whenever I would see her walking in from the parking lot I always wished I was that chic. So, adding the clutch to my fit was a mini way to kick it up.

Not sure if this helped anyone, but I think it’s fun to strategize outfits and get excited about what you’re wearing.


4 thoughts on “Outfit Depth

  1. I should probably strategize my outfits more. My fashions mainly consist of t-shirts and jeans these days. After all, who do I have to dress for? But what I really wanted to comment on was how the New York Jewelers in all your pictures might make people think we live in New York and not in Chicago. Let’s remember that tomorrow.

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