Pet Communicators?

After a week of being Bravo-less, Man BFF and I are happy to report that the sweet sound of Andy Cohen’s voice is back in the Evans’ household. Last night, we caught up on one of our faves, Flipping Out.

Last night, Jeff had a pet communicator come to his house and make sure that everything was good with his bevy of pets. He may be a meany to humans, but I admire his compassion for animals. He found out some hilarious (one dog would rather be called “Angelo” than “Chris”) and sad (his cat felt like Jeff loves the dogs more) info.

While I’m not quite sure how I feel about pet communicators, I wouldn’t mind having some cat whisperer abilities right about now. Tobias has been pretty cold towards me ever since his haircut the other night. Man BFF thinks it’s because he’s literally too cold. I hope not! Luckily, he has a few kitteh ski vests to wear.


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