Chicago Beautay

Once Man BFF and I get settled in Chicago (we’re headed to Hawaii in September and then Man BFF will be in Indy for work the next week), I have a few beauty treatments that I’m considering treating myself to. This could be the jump start to city living I need!

1. Wardrobe Consultation

While I love shopping and getting dressed in the morning, I’m not always convinced that I’m wearing the best outfit for my body, personality, or personal style. Not only would it be great to have someone to have this conversation with, but I could also be pointed to some Chicago boutiques that I would have otherwise missed. Julie Watson Style was voted the best personal shopping service in Chicago, so I’m thinking of giving them a try – I’ll have to see how much they charge first :).

2. Makeup Consultation

Now this is something I’ve been dying to do. Have you ever found yourself standing in front of the makeup aisle at CVS staring at CoverGirl foundation and wondering how it could possibly be any different from Revlon? Or wondering, how am I really supposed to know what shade to get? Dollface Beauty School in Chicago can help with that! I actually read about them on Julie Watson Style’s blog. My favorite thing that I read about their makeup consulation service is that Dollface doesn’t actually sell makeup, so they will be totally objective when making suggestions.

Would you ever try either of these type of services?


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