Lil Bro’s 18th Birthday

This past weekend I headed back to Indianapolis for the first time since moving to Chicago to celebrate my lil bro’s 18th bday. Man BFF was already down there for work, so I was meeting him at my parent’s house.

Tobias and I were having a grand ol time driving the 3+ hours down there until (a) I let Tobias out of his carrier and he pee-ed in the car and (b) the car died. Luckily I was able to stop at a gas station after the first awesome event occurred and clean up/buy an air freshener. My car died about an hour later, but I was only 20 minutes from my parent’s house so it could have been worse. The car’s still in Indy at a mechanic, so we had to take the MegaBus home last night (and leave Toby with his grandma), but luckily we just received word that it’s only our battery that’s the prob. Looks like we’ll be back to Indy next weekend!

Despite the bad start to the weekend, we had a blast hanging out with Lucas on his birthday. We started out the morning waking him up with a ginormous cinnamon roll. Yum!

Next, we headed out to a  restaurant nearby Indy called Bub’s Burgers that has a 1lb burger challenge. Eat the burger in one sitting and get your picture on the wall. Lu’s always wanted to give it a whirl, so we went for his bday and he succeeded! Check out the size of this burger!

Finally, after Lu opened his gifts that night (including a new MacBook Pro!), we ate cake and ice cream and Man BFF drank coffee from our family’s new favorite mug.

I didn’t get any pics of my outfits this weekend, but I’ll have some pics this week of purchases I made over the weekend. Including some Missoni scores from Target!



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