Missoni Mayhem

I’ll admit, when the Missoni line came out at Target last week, I didn’t blink an eye. In fact, I thought it was crazy how bananas people were going to score zig zag swag. I guess part of me felt like I shouldn’t care about it because it was already sold out everywhere and I had no chance of getting anything.

Then, while visiting my parents in Indianapolis this weekend, my mom and I made a quick jaunt to Target and happened upon what had to be some of the last Missoni items available in the country. I bought a pair of the Missoni Black Suede Pumps for $39.99 and the Multicolor Zig Zag Rainboots for $34.99. I love, love, love, the rounded toe and and chunky heel on the suede pumps. Man BFF said they looked kinda 90s (Karen Walker was wearing a similar style on today’s epi of Will of Grace), but they’re coming back!

Here’s how I wore the suede pumps today:

As for the rainboots? These will be perfect in the harsh, wet Chicago winters. I even bought the microfleece linings to make them extra cozy and easily transition from fall to winter.


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