Adventures in Kitteh Potty Training

Last month, Man BFF bought a kitteh potty training kit, CitiKitty (unbeknownst to me). I really wasn’t sold on the idea of potty training Tobias, mainly because I just didn’t think he would be willing to change his ways. After putting the inevitable off for a month, we started last night and Toby tried to find any hiding spot possible to avoid the grown-up potty.

It’s important to use flush-able litter when embarking on this mission so we bought The World’s Best Cat Litter after reading some online reviews. The problem is that Tobias is used to Yesterday’s News litter which looks, smells, and feels very different to him. I think our first mistake was not getting him acquainted with the new litter before setting it up in CitiKitty.

We tried sitting him down in the litter and scraping his paws around in it, but he was just not having it. We shut him in the bathroom while we watched DWTS (Team Ricki Lake this week!), but still nothing. We thought he might explore overnight, but we were wrong. Failure.

Warning: You are about to see a toilet with kitty litter in it.

Doesn’t his smug face just read, “seriously?”

Here’s how we decided to ease him into this:

1. Remove CitiKitty this week and go back to his litter box but with the new litter.

2. Put his litter box in our bathroom cause that’s where his CitiKitty will be. He’s used to reigning over the guest bathroom, but we’re trying to avoid future “Meet the Parents” moments.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!


3 thoughts on “Adventures in Kitteh Potty Training

  1. Great post! My husband and I potty trained our cat when we first got her- it really is easier to deal with. Also, just a little trick we used: put the toilet tary with the litter on the ground next to the toilet. We did that and it helped our cat get use to the shape and location. Good luck!

    • Thanks, pinkandplum! That’s a great suggestion that we will definitely try. I feel like I need to join a support group! I felt so bad for him last night, but I think I’m learning that we need to take this at his pace, not mine.

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