Rainy Day

Yesterday started off as a pretty rainy day up here in Chicago. Usually rain means a bad start to a Tuesday, but I was excited for an excuse to finally wear my Missoni for Target rain boots. I used to have a pair of killer Target rain boots back in the college days. They were purple with little pictures of lipstick, mascara, and blush all over them. Once I got out of college I decided that they were a little too young for me (probably too young for me even in college to be honest) and I’ve been looking for a pair of grown-up boots ever since. Of course I could have saved up for a real pair of wellies, but isn’t it fun to have something that everyone else wants?

The big question when wearing rain boots: do I match my outfit to the boots? Luckily a neutral trench can alleviate that concern.

And here’s what I wore underneath it all (including the shoes I had stuffed in my purse to wear at work). This shirt (from Walmart) has little black designs on it, but I decided to go for brown and gold shoes and jewelry to switch it up. When considering wearing black flats think to yourself, what shoes would make this outfit more interesting?


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