San Diego Bound

One of the perks of working in the meeting planning industry is the occasional opportunity to travel. While most people hate the idea of business travel, after watching Pan Am this week I’m reminded that any chance to fly is a chance to be fabulous.

Kitteh helped me pack (per his usual) while Man BFF put our sheets in the washing machine (I swear we sleep with sheets on our bed).

Packing Tips:

1. Flats are your friend. While heels are always the best option, you never know what to expect when traveling for business. Walking from one end of the convention center to the next is never fun in heels.

2. Airport style matters. On my last business trip to Boston, I wore khakis and a blazer on the plane but had every intention to change into a suit before my meeting. Did I have a chance to change? Nope. Did I still look appropriate? You betcha!

3. Carrying-on is key. When traveling for fun, you usually are less affected by a delayed flight, late taxi, or gate change. When traveling for business, every minute matters and you missing your big meeting could come down to a matter of minutes. Plus, it’s free!

Thursday – Airport

Picture this less wrinkled and with khaki capris. I forgot to take my own advice when planning this outfit.

Thursday – Client Dinner

I wasn’t so sure how to pack for California in the Fall. Even though it’s warmer than Chicago, it is still the Fall in San Diego, right?

Friday – Prepping for Meeting/Client Schmoozing

If Kate Middleton can charm Canada in lace, I can charm our clients in it, too!

Saturday – Meeting

Disregard the cat hair. I packed a lint roller. And I’ll steam it before I wear it.

Sunday – Airport

Keepin it comfy for my 6:20am flight, gulp.


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