Wet Pants

Growing up (slash currently), my little brother Lucas and I took every moment possible to make fun of each other. Some may think we were being mean (as my parents often did) but we both knew it was really a test of who could be the funniest. We usually came up with our “good ones”  when something unfortunate happened to the other. My best names always seemed to involve pants. For example, Lucas spilled communion juice on his pants at church and I called him Wine Pants and another time he spilled nacho cheese on his pants and I called him Cheese Pants. A few other faves were Lead Foot (Lu stepped on a pencil) and Stoney Face (Lu passed out on the altar at our older brother’s wedding). Ok, maybe those aren’t so clever (or nice), but we (I) thought they were hilarious at the time.

Well, Lucas, today you may call Wet Pants because I spilled water all over my pants at work and had to go home to change. These are the jeans I was wearing before the water accident. Very unfortunate.


2 thoughts on “Wet Pants

  1. hahaha. hilarious “at the time”? Um, I think stony face is a winner for the ages. When Lu gets married, one of us is making a toast about how glad we are that he didn’t go “stony faced” at his own wedding. Unless, of course, he does . . .

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