Gossip Girl Clothing Line, Yuck

I’m taking a quick break from work in San Diego to post some pics from the new clothing line by Romeo and Juliet Couture inspired by the Gossip Girl characters. I used to be a fan of Gossip Girl, but once Taylor Momsen went crazy and grew a mullet I stopped watching. Let’s face it though, that cast has some serious style so I was really looking forward to seeing what Romeo and Juliet Couture came up with. Let me spare you the excitement I had. It’s awful.

I’ll begin by showing you a picture of Blair and Serena in all their glam glory. I assumed that these were the types of pieces I could expect from the new clothing line.

Instead, Romeo and Juliet Couture produced gems like this.

Gossip Girl

Is this supposed to be an outfit Vanessa would wear? Cause I’m pretty sure she usually looks more like this.

And which Gossip Girl would be caught dead wearing this?

Gossip Girl

In an effort to be kind of positive, there was one look that I was more “eh” than “ug” about. It’s a little more believable that Blair would wear this.

Gossip Girl

All in all, very disappointing. This line could have been fresh, fun, and creative. Instead, it’s clearance rack at Kohl’s. Click here to see more of the madness.


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