Winter White

While flying to San Diego last week, I armed myself with a stack of magazines that I scored from my company’s mail room. Apparently the company gets a subscription to like every magazine for free and we can take whatever we want (I don’t understand either). Anyway, one of the mags I grabbed was “O” because Rosie was on the front and she’s a Chicago girl after all. In addition to Rosie, I found some gorgeous winter coats in the magazine. Here’s my favorite:

Attenion white coat

How much do you think this coat costs? If you guessed $1,000 you’re wrong. It’s $100. And it’s from Kmart. Shut up, I know.

In the worst news of all time, it’s sold out of my size. Blast that Oprah Winfrey and her Midas Touch.

Here’s my second favorite coat. Ok, I’m only interested in the tiger cub.

Thakoon coat



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