Autumn in Chicago

After a busy weekend, I am finally getting back to blogging. Man BFF and I wanted to make the most of our first weekend home together in over a month, so we jam-packed our weekend with Chicago-y things (including Navy Pier and Chinatown). My aunt came into town to run the Chicago Marathon, so we were thrilled to have a good use for our guest room and also enjoyed watching the festivities of the marathon (and being reminded of why we’re not runners). However, I did see some pink sneakers that just may change my mind.

Here are some pics of recent outfits that I’ve worn but neglected to blog about.

Hooray for getting my hair up in a bun! Scarf + necklace = easy way to spice up a boring outfit. Disregard the visible bra.

A neutral blazer is an easy way to make a pair of moccasins, pair of jeans, and your husband’s shirt look a little more put together.

Leggings. Your closet’s answer to a case of the Mondays.

Friday night at Navy Pier. Gotta enjoy it while the weather is still above freezing.


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