A Fred Flare Christmas

Every time I’m on Fred Flare, it just makes me smile. There is some hilarious stuff on that website. I always end up emailing something to Man BFF or my sister to lol about. Looking at the site today gave me some awesome Christmas present ideas for everyone in my family. Here’s the rundown:


The title of this book pretty much sums up my mom.


My dad is a pancake-making-machine. Bacon and chocolate are just bonuses.


Despite her potty humor, this lady is all about cleanliness in the b-room.


“Bring on the dairy,” is his favorite saying.

Sister and Bro-in-law’s Kitteh

Both of his parents are musicians, so it only makes sense for him to become a DJ.

Older Brother

He lives in India and racks up the frequent flyer miles for his job.


She’s pregs now so sushi may not be her thing, but we’ve shared some good rolls in the past.


My older bro (her dad) is the only one of us to not catch the cat crazies so she at least needs some plastic kittehs in her life.

Lil Brother

This kid was gaga for lego’s back in the day and now he’s all artsy. Perfect combo.


Harmony between his two fave subjects: f*rts and traveling.


To answer one of life’s mysteries.



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