Project Runway L’oreal Makeup Alternatives

Who’s watching Project Runway this season? I for sure am. It’s really one of the greatest reality shows on TV. How could Bravo have let them go?

This year I’m rooting for Joshua. The glitter, the glam, the drama! I love him.

Joshua McKinley Designer Joshua McKinley addresses the audience at the Project Runway Spring 2012 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Theater at Lincoln Center on September 9, 2011 in New York City.

Besides watching the designers, my other favorite part of the show is learning about new L’oreal and Garnier products. I know that some people get annoyed by overly pushy product placements (The Living Social push during the Kim K. wedding special anyone?) but I’m a beauty product junkie so I’m all about the hair and makeup ideas.

This season, L’oreal did something especially exciting and created a whole Project Runway line of makeup, Colors Take Flight. It’s cheap. It’s fabulous. And it’s hard to find. Apparently it’s sold at Ulta and drugstores (which ones? idk), but it’s already almost completely sold out on

Luckily, I live in Chicago and I have an Ulta literally right around the corner. Unluckily, almost everything was sold out there. They did have the one lipstick that I wanted from the collection, Sultry Raven’s Pout, so I quickly swiped it up. Instead of walking away with a measily lipstick, I studied the displays and went on the hunt for copy cat colors. Here’s what I bought!

Lipstick – Sultry Raven’s Pout

This is the only “real deal” item I could find. It’s the perfect nude (the middle one).

Blush – Watchful Owl’s

What I wanted.

What I bought. Covergirl Snow Plum for $3.99, not too shabby. I’ve been wearing Nars Orgasm, but it’s just too bold sometimes when you’re wearing a full face of makeup. This light pink will be perfect for the days when I want to have bolder eyes.

Eyeshadow – Watchful Owl’s

What I wanted.

What I bought. Wet n Wild Silent Treatment. Although it’s missing the gold shadow, it’s a pretty close match. Plus, it helps that it’s only $2.99.

Nail Polish – Cockatoo’s Wisdom

For the life of me, I could not find a picture of the real Project Runway nail polish, but believe me Rimmel London’s Real Steel is a dead-on match. I know that “greige” may be a little past it’s prime, but this is my first venture into it, so we’ll see how it goes.

There you have it! The hottest look in drugstore makeup right now and all the alternatives. I’m jealous if you actually found the real stuff! I’m just too impatient to search for too long.


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