Bad Kitteh

Yesterday, Man BFF and I went grocery shopping but only had about 10 minutes to unload the food in our apartment before we had to book it to church. We threw everything in the fridge and freezer that needed to go in there and left the rest in grocery bags on the floor. We underestimated Tobias’ love of bread.

A couple of hours later, we opened the door to this.

Tobias has always had a taste for bread, but he just took it to a new level with these french bread rolls. Not only were they in the entryway, but he had managed to drag/carry a roll into the bathroom!

At first he hid from us out of shame, but he quickly returned to the scene of the crime.

He learned his lesson because he had some major bathroom issues this morning. Maybe he’s gluten free.

Does your kitteh love human food?


2 thoughts on “Bad Kitteh

  1. Our cat tears up anything we leave out including paper towels. We have to cat proof our entire apartment because she’s so bad. We learned early on she loved bread too, or maybe just the plastic… Love the post!

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