Kitteh’s Beauty Morning

Tomorrow is an important day for our family. We’re getting our Christmas card picture taken! Man BFF and I take our Christmas card picture very seriously. The Christmas after we got married, we sent out our first card and boy did it flop! We were trying to do the whole ugly Christmas sweater thing (even Tobias wore a sweater) but it left our families wondering whether or not it was supposed to be a joke. Ay yi yi. Last year we went to Paris for our first anniversary and had our pictures taken. Parisian Christmas card? Tres chic!

While this was in no way a flop (Man BFF even designed it!), we did have a few questions about why we signed Tobias’ name and he wasn’t in the pic (we can’t win!). One of my college friends even said her roommate (who doesn’t know me) thought maybe I was pregnant and we had already named our baby Tobias! Oh brother!

This year, we’re going to make our card all about Chicago. Man BFF and I are going to have our picture taken with the city skyline, but we’re not forgetting about Toby! He’s having his own photo session at our house before hand. In order to get him ready for his big day, I spent the morning getting him beautified!



1. Waterless Shampoo

2. Scissors

3. Pet Toothbrush/Toothpaste

4. Hairbrush

5. Fine Tooth Comb

6. Treats!

Beauty Schedule

1. Shut kitteh in the bathroom or the room where he’s least likely to be able to run/hide.

2. Start with a good brushing. This will ease him into his spa day.

3. Waterless shampoo time. Lather him up!

4. If he needed his nails trimmed, I would have done it next, but instead I trimmed the extra fur that had grown between his toesies.

5. Save the worst for last… teeth brushing!

Happy Kitty

Show off those pearly whites, baby!


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