My First Thanksgiving: Thawing and Prepping the Turkey

If you’ve been reading my blog posts all week, you know that I’m documenting my first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner. So far I’ve talked about choosing the bird, the brine, and the tools. Tonight it’s all about turkey thawing and prepping.


Based off of my googling, turkeys thaw 5 lbs every 24 hrs. I had thawed my turkey for a good 24 hrs, but it really didn’t seem like it was thawing one bit. So, I decided to get creative. I filled up a cooler with cold water, submerged the frozen bird (still packaged) in the water, covered the cooler, and let it sit in there over night. Don’t worry, the water was was below freezing when I went to bed and below freezing when when I woke up so no worries about the turkey going bad. I took a gamble, and I won! Unfrozen turk this morning!


With a fully-thawed turkey, it was time for turkey prep this morning! While I prepared the brine, Man BFF graciously managed the bird and everything that entails (i.e. sticking your hand inside the turkey and pulling stuff out).

We shoved the turkey in a trash bag with all the brinin’ fixin’s and put it in the fridge to marinate for the next day and a half. Brine, baby, brine!

In other news, I got my two tone boots delivered! They are mighty higher than I expected, but I am kind of short. Here’s how I wore them!


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