My First Thanksgiving: Let the Countdown Begin

This is my last post before the big reveal! Fingers crossed the turkey turns out! I feel confident that I’ve done my due diligence to ensure a successful outcome, but only time will tell. Here are my last minute preparations I’ve taken for the bird and, oh yeah, the rest of Thanksgiving dinner!


Last night, I (er, my dad) took the turkey out of the brine, set it in the roasting pan with veggies below, and prepped it for an overnight stay in the fridge. Uncovered. That’s right, my bird spent the night in the fridge without so much as a piece of foil on top. This dries the birdie’s skin out and will make it extra crispay. Here I’m putting a last minute rub down of butter, rosemary, and thyme on the turkey before it headed in to the fridge for the night.

And here’s where it spent the night.

Now I’m just about to start roasting it! 40 minutes at 400 degrees, another 2.5 hours at 350 degrees, and basting every 30 minutes! Wish me luck!

The Rest of Dinner

This turkey’s been a bit of a Lea Michelle and taking all the attention away from the other components of the meal. Since I’ve been a little stressed about the turkey, I tried to keep the rest of dinner easy peasy. Stuffing from a box (with added onion, celery, and apples), canned cranberry sauce (my fave!), mashed potatoes (Man BFF’s specialty), easy homemade biscuits, green beans, and bakery bought dessert makes for a less stressful day. Since I won’t really be able to start cooking the rest of the meal until the turkey’s almost done, I wanted to get everything prepped. Organization is a beautiful thing.

And here’s my Pumpkin Roulade cake from Toni Patisserie, a bakery near our apartment.


Stay tuned to see how the turkey turned out! Luckily it’s already in the oven and smellin’ good!


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