Company Christmas Party Recap

As many of you know, I’ve been stressing about what to wear to Man BFF’s company Christmas Party for weeks now, but now that the party is gone and past, I can say that I wore THE perfect outfit.

Before I get into the specifics of my look, check out these pics from the partay! Man BFF’s company rented out Conseco Fieldhouse (where the Indiana Pacer’s play) and it was pretty sweet.

Not your average company Christmas Party. That’s for sure.

And now for my outfit.

Before knowing that the party was business casual, I had originally bought a super glitzy black sequin dress. While I could have still been appropriately dressed in it (there was a wide range of fanciness going on), I’m glad that I didn’t go for that. There was a lot of sequins going on and honestly, those in sequins didn’t stand out from the crowd. I chose a silhouette and style (stepford wife) that made me confident and proud of what I was wearing (this pic was taken at the end of the party… I looked a little more put together at the beginning and you can’t even see my awesome earrings!). Some random chick even came up and said she loved my outfit and when I said “thank you,” she said “no, thank you.” Success!

Lesson learned: stick with what works for you! Don’t go trendy just cause you want to be that person.


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