Long Overdue Update on Kitteh Potty Training

Remember when I posted that Man BFF and I were trying to potty train Tobias? I know, like a million years ago. Well, here’s an update. We failed. We failed within 24 hours. He wasn’t going to the bathroom and we just couldn’t handle watching him suffer. How could we look at this little face and not care that he was holding it?

Will we try again? Probs not. Did we learn a valuable lesson about Tobias? Yes. He’s not a human.



2 thoughts on “Long Overdue Update on Kitteh Potty Training

  1. As a behavior therapist, here is my question: how were you reinforcing him? I think with the right reward this is totally possible. Anytime you lose hope, turn on Meet the Parents and I hope you will be inspired to press on.

    • I agree, Ashley. We didn’t start out correctly – we were supposed to start the litter box NEXT TO the toilet and then progress to on top of the toilet. We just jumped straight to on top of. And then Sarah just threw our training kit away. I’m willing to try again.

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