Slumber Party Birthday Party

Last night when I got home from work, Man BFF had set up the most fun birthday extravaganza in our living room. He had lugged out our guest room mattress in front of the TV and had tons of snackies ready for us to munch on while watching my fave movie, It’s Complicated. Here I am about to get the pajama party started (but talking to my well wishers first):

(I’m pointing to the “Birthday Girl” pin my sister sent me.) Tobias, of course, got in on the action. He pretty much spent the whole night pretending he wasn’t interested in our snacks and then casually trying to lay his arm on a piece of cheese to snatch.

We had so much fun gorging ourselves (we’re returning to The Biggest Loser diet today, I promise), and Man BFF did a faboo job planning my birthday.

Last night I also opened an awesome Hello Kitty for Forever 21 shirt from my sister and wore it to work today. It’s not a look for everyone, but it definitely is for me!


4 thoughts on “Slumber Party Birthday Party

  1. Good heavens I love this.

    You are so creative. When you and Adam make it big because pop culture at large is entranced by your ingenuity, I’ll tell all my friends you fell in love through my speaker phone.

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