The Iron Lady

In honor of the opening of my girl Meryl’s latest flick, The Iron Lady, I played up the use of “iron” in my outfit yesterday. We even saw the movie last night, too! Admittedly, most of my British Prime Minister knowledge comes from Hugh Grant’s role in Love Actually, but now that Kate Middleton’s made the UK very “in,” I’m all about brushing up on a little Brit history. Truth be told, the movie was not what I expected/wanted. While Meryl was amazing as ever, the movie itself didn’t exactly present Margaret Thatcher as the “iron lady” the title promised. While there were a few good yelling at men moments, the majority of the movie was an elderly Margaret battling hallucinations of her dead husband and finding comfort in him still being around. Super sad/not iron lady-y. All in all, see it to learn more about Maggie T. while watching Meryl tear it up.


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