Beauty Product Happiness

Tonight my sister and I were talking on the phone about our usual topics (kittehs, family gossip, and debating whether one should completely close the toilet after using it). We began talking about the little things in life that we love (we are both unashamed TV lovas) and how sometimes you just have little things to perk you up every so often. One of those little things in my life that will always perk me up is shopping for beauty products.

For anyone who isn’t a devoted Ulta shopper, let me tell you that you’re missing out. It’s basically like Sephora in that it has higher quality products,  but it also has regular ol’ drugstore products. And the best part? They have a great rewards program. Sign up for free and you can get tons of coupons. I’ve been waiting to shop until today because I had a 20% off coupon that started today. Score! Here’s what I bought:

Olay Pore Minimizer Cleanser/Scrub

I’m such a product junkie that when I’m reading a magazine and find a product that I want, I rip the page out and save it in my purse until the next time I go shopping. I was already feeling a little eh about my pores when I read an article in Lucky about minimizing them, so of course I was all about getting this Olay Cleanser/Scrub ($6.99) they recommended. I also bought the foundation they suggested…

Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage

Do I think I need age defying foundation at 25? No. Do I understand what is “DNA” about this product? No. Do I like the squiggly thing? Yes. Lucky magazine recommended this Revlon foundation ($12.99) to minimize pores and I’m already lovin it. I haven’t exactly used it yet, but another good thing about Ulta is that they have testers out for all foundations, thus making it easier to determine the color and weight of the product. So far I’m happy!

L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Base

Primer is tres important for a pore-less looking face. Of course Lucky magazine had a few recommendations, but I already know what works for me. I finally ran out of the cheapo Rimmel primer that I bought a few months ago, even though I already knew how good L’Oreal’s primer was. When something works for you, it’s better to shell out the extra cash (in this case $11.99) for a good product you like.

L’Oreal Sulfate Free Shampoo

Anyone who’s a fan of QVC, late night TV infomercials, or the Bravo show Flipping Out knows Chaz Dean and his product line of sulfate free (aka no suds) hair products, Wen. While I love me some Chaz, I want to give the world of budget sulfate free shamp/cond a whirl before committing to Wen. Enter L’Oreal Everstrong ($6.99/each).

Eos Hand Lotion

I’m already a big fan of Eos lip gloss, so Eos hand lotion ($3.29) was a no brainer. With the frigid Chicago temps, hand lotion is a must in your purse at all times. Cant argue with that logic!

So, there you have it. I’m product crazy. I’m always looking for products that will stand the test of time, so hopefully I found a few. I’ll keep you posted.


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