Weekend in Indy

Man BFF and I are headed south this weekend to the home of this year’s Superbowl, Indianapolis. We’re visiting my fam and I’m also going to one of my former co-worker’s baby shower! Additionally, Man BFF and I are hoping to head over to the Superbowl Village in Indianapolis to check out all the action. Side note, I’m so proud to be a Hoosier and can’t wait for my motherland to shine on February 5th!

In order to fit our weekend belongings in one suitcase, I tried to pack lightly and strategically. Here’s what I’m wearing this weekend!

Baby Shower

Even though this baby shower is in celebration of a baby girl (yay!), I do plan on wearing blue. Don’t worry,  I’m keeping it totes fem with the ruffled collar, lace tank, mega heels, and don’t forget the Jack and Jill necklace.

Lazy Sunday

As I mentioned, I’m a proud Hoosier. Every time I go home, I feel a particular sense of pride for my high school (yeah Center Grove!) since my lil bro is a senior. I decided to pack my alma mater’s sweatshirt for the weekend and dress it up a bit with a chambray button-up and my fave cowboys. Gotta love a cozy weekend at home!

I hope you have a great weekend! If you don’t have anything to do, may I suggest watching The Ides of March? Man BFF and I watched it last weekend and I lurved it. Oh, and Ryan Gosling is a nice addition.


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