A Few of My Favorite {Indy} Things

This past weekend, Man BFF and I went to Indy and had a chance to check out the Super Bowl Village with my fam. Here we are in freeze fest weather enjoying all things Super Bowl:

Since I love Indiana so much, I thought I’d list out a few of my fave Indy things in anticipation of the big game on Sunday. If you’re lucky enough to be in town, hopefully you can check out some of these hot spots!

Hotel – The Omni Severin

I may have a bias towards the Omni because Man BFF and I got married there, but it’s seriously gorg. Cue wedding picture.

Move over Kate Middleton, my wedding was the shiz. Besides being my wedding venue, here’s what’s special about the Omni: location, breakfast, and the presidential suite. The Omni is in the heart of downtown Indy and you can literally walk out the door and into the Super Bowl Village. Need breakfast plans the morning of the big game? Look no further than the Omni. Their breakfast buffet (think like a buffet in heaven, not in Vegas) is bonkers. Just go. And finally if Madonna hasn’t already swiped it up, treat yourself to a night in the presidential suite. Man BFF and I stayed in it and it has 2 levels, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 balconies, and a killer view of Lucas Oil Stadium. Did I mention the suite was complimentary from the Omni as a surprise for our wedding? That’s right, the Omni is all about Hoosier hospitality!

Lunch – Cafe Patachou

One complaint I do have about Indy is its over-abundance of chain restaurants. Therefore, when an awesome local establishment surfaces, everyone goes nuts for it! Enter, Cafe Patachou. Located downtown at Capitol and Washington within walking distance of everything Super Bowl related (have you been to downtown Indy? everything is within walking distance of everything!), stop in to this delish cafe for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (a special addition only during the Super Bowl!). While I’m suggesting this yummy spot for lunch, I must admit I always get the Croissant French Toast no matter what time I’m there.

Holy deliciousness! If you would like a truer lunch experience, try the chicken salad!

Cocktail – Stole Dole

Man BFF and I like to try the signature cocktail whenever we’re somewhere that has one. One of our fave hotel restaurants in Indy, The Capital Grille at the Conrad, has a slamma jamma signature cocktail called the Stole Dole, a pineapple infused stole cocktail. Here’s how The Capital Grille makes it.

So yummy. So pineapple-y. Try it with the calamari appetizer for a real treat.

So there you have it! A few of my fave Indy things! I hope that anyone who visits Indy this weekend has a great time and experiences the Hoosier love. While you’re in Indy, I’ll be in Chicago watching the Super Bowl only for Madonna and the commercials.


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