Revisiting Beauty Product Happiness

A few weeks ago I went on a product shopping spree at Ulta, so now after a few weeks of using everything, I thought I’d write up some reviews! While some have been big hits, others have been less satisfactory.

Olay Pore Minimizer Cleanser/Scrub

Boo. This stuff is pore minimizing because it seriously eats away at your face! Final Verdict? Steer clear.

Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage

Love. I’m not sure if my age is rewinding with this foundation, but it’s not heavy and blends right in. I used to have to wipe my face with a tissue after applying foundation to rub it in more, but not with this! Final Verdict? Must have.

L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Base

Love. Always have, always will. Final verdict? Must have.

L’Oreal Sulfate Free Shampoo

LOVE! I’m officially obsessed. This shampy and conditioner smell awesome and make my hair mega soft. Final verdict? Must, must, must have.

Eos Hand Lotion

Eh. I mean, it’s lotion. Nothing mind blowing about it, except maybe for the cute container. Final verdict? Nice to have.

Buying new products can be hit or miss. Hopefully after reading my reviews, you can decide which products are right for you. Happy shopping!



2 thoughts on “Revisiting Beauty Product Happiness

  1. Thanks for the reviews! I always want to try new stuff, but don’t want to waste my money on duds. This was super helpful. I think I’m going to give that shampoo and conditioner a try!

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