Hot Woks Cool Sushi

Last night Man BFF and I went out to dinner with our college friends Wes and Whitny while they were in town for the evening. We’re so excited that (a) they’re getting married in July and (b) they’re moving to the Chicago burbs. After a day of apartment hunting for them and Gilmore Girls watching for us, we hit up one of Man BFF and I’s fave restaurants less than a block from our apartment, Hot Woks Cool Sushi. Despite our lazy day of laundry and TV, I managed to pull an outfit together after complaining that I had nothing to wear for a good hour. Inspired by my orange-y, pink-y nail polish, I wore my elephant-print summer shirt paired with taupe/nude shoes and wool blazer.

After dinner we retreated back to la casa de Evans for a round of our fave new game, Landslide. We ate Girl Scout Cookies while letting our competitive spirits fly and trash talking each other. In the end, Whitny creamed us, but I was happy just as long as Man BFF didn’t win 🙂


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