Happy Valentine’s Day

As is our custom, Man BFF and I  spent our V-day with a low-key dinner at home (followed by some faboo desserts Man BFF surprised me with). While some might prefer a more grandiose evening, the thing I love most about being married to Man BFF is that every night he’s home ready to have dinner together, talk, and laugh. He’s my constant (just like Desmond for all you LOST fans out there), so celebrating Valentine’s Day together at home is perfect for us.

Enough with the mush, let’s flash back, LOST style, and talk about the beginning of my day. After Man BFF left for work, I busily rushed around cleaning the house and getting ready for dinner. Unfortunately I had all of 5 minutes to pick out my outfit, and of course, I had to dress for the day. Pinks, reds,and fuchsias it is!

I was glad to see that most of my co-workers had dressed for the occasion. I was also super excited when we all decided to order our lunch from a restaurant  solely based off of the fact that the bread came in the shape of a heart today.  How could I resist?

And to cap of a work day full of Valentine’s Day hoopla, our company ordered in special treats for us to enjoy throughout the day. Chocolate covered strawberries on the clock? Yes, please.



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