Young Professional

Dressing for work is always a chore, but it’s especially a chore when you have an important meeting to attend. First of all, if you’re like me, you’re picking out your outfit about 30 minutes after you wake up and you don’t exactly have a ton of time to put the look together. And second of all, you need to dress appropriately for the occasion while also keeping in mind what others might be wearing.

Last week I had an important client meeting to go to, so I found myself in the above predicament. After trying on a few different options, I landed on an outfit with varying patterns, fabrics, and textures. While Man BFF was taking my picture I asked him if I looked sloppy. Luckily he said I didn’t. He said I looked like a young professional.

Just because you’re going to a stuffy client meeting doesn’t mean you can’t mix patterns and fabrics. It keeps you young!

P.S. I know the tights look blue and sparkly in the picture, but I swear they’re just black opaque tights.


2 thoughts on “Young Professional

  1. Good blog and I really like the outfit you put together. I am a life coach who specializes in career happiness and I think today’s generation wants to bring more of their personality to the office and that’s great. Personally, I have sat through thousands of meetings in my life and I always like to see some bright colours around the room, it makes the meetings much more interesting and engaging.

    • Thanks for the insight, Sharon! I agree with you that I’m happier and more of myself at work when my outfit reflects my personality. I definitely think that my client was able to get a better sense of who I was compared to others in the meeting. Thanks for reading and contributing to the conversation!

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