Productive President’s Day

I’ve been looking forward to today for awhile. No work. No commitments. No Man BFF. While I love me some Man BFF time, I’ve been waiting since November to have an opportunity to watch Breaking Dawn, Part 1 of the Twilight Saga without Man BFF making snarky comments in the background. In addition to watching Edward and Bella get it on, I filled my day with other productive activities. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

1. Spring has sprung!

It’s officially Easter/Spring in the Evans’ household. While I pride myself on a wide range of holiday decor, I’m embarrassingly lacking in the St. Patrick’s day department (but I’m not complaining about the new Spring vibe in our apartment). Here are a few things I’ve pulled out of our storage closet to Spring-ify the place!

2. Grocery Shopping… in my PJ’s

Ordering  groceries online and getting them delivered the next day is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Since selling our car and becoming car-less, Man BFF and I have been ordering groceries online from Peapod and it’s awesome. Check out Man BFF’s blog for more Peapod deets.

3. Baking and Gilmore Girls

My mom and I may be the biggest Gilmore Girls fans on the planet and we’ve only deepened our love of Lorelai and Rory for over the past 10 years. Although I have new TV loves in my life (the Housewives, the Kardashians, the Teen Moms), I always find time for “Gil” whenever I can (especially while baking chocolate chip cookies today)!

So thank you Mr. Washington and Mr. Lincoln for a day off from work. May this great country continue to create national holidays that result in Twilight and Gilmore Girls marathons.



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