A Case of the Mondays

You may have noticed that I didn’t post any outfit pics last week. Unfortunately, I was super swamped with work last week and pretty much wore jeans, sneakers, and variations of sweatshirts every day. In order to avoid a case of the Mondays and start my week off right, I decided to do my hair, do my makeup, and wear heels. While, like Man BFF, I’ve recently started walking to work, throwing my heels in my purse while sporting flats for the mile walk to work is the way to go.

My bangs have officially reached the point where they need a trim (hence pulling them pack in these pics). I’m still committed to my stylist in Indy, so I’m probably going to have to wait until Easter to get a chop. Like his mother, Tobias has also been in need of a haircut and fortunately, I’m his stylist. Look how cute my little Lamb-y is!


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