Doctor Haircut

Man BFF and I are big 30 Rock fans. Whenever we need a good laugh, we throw in a DVD of Tina Fey’s masterpiece, pop some popcorn, and laugh at the same jokes we’ve been laughing at for years. One thing I love about Tina’s character, Liz Lemon, is that she’s always giving out hilar nicknames. One of my faves is Doctor Haircut, a name she gives out when one of her fellow TGS writer gets a new do.

Last night, Man BFF and I both got our hair cut, and all I could think of was Tracy Jordan singing “Doooooctooooor Haaaaaaircuuuuut.”

Behold, the ultimate Doctor Haircut.

So short! I know I said earlier this week that I was going to wait until I went back to Indy to get my haircut, but I just couldn’t take it any longer. After doing a little salon research, I discovered a faboo salon literally across the street from our apartment that JWOWW frequents when she’s in town. Plus, they have a hair stylist there who had over 100 raves on Yelp (who used to live in Mumbai and do Bollywood actresses’ hair). I called, he had an opening, and voila! Doctor Haircut.

(Man BFF couldn’t resist making this.)


5 thoughts on “Doctor Haircut

    • I like it fine if you do, BUT I loved the Curley Q Professinal Day the best. Now this new one is quit nice for a change, IF you keep it out of your eyes. I really get upset at anyone flipping their little strain of hair out of their eyes. Stray it back. use a clip, or finally you will be glad to grow back your darling pony tail by the time you get tired of flippin’. Love ya’ Cousin Barb. p.s. I’m so thankful you two do everything together. So sweet!

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