Winday Citay

This weekend, Man BFF and I are hosting our friend Erin who has never been to Chicago before (cray, cray, I know). We’re taking advantage of this weekend by taking her to all the tourist hotspots: Millennium Park, the Art Institute, the Willis (Sears) Tower, Giordano’s. Today we spent the majority of the day at the Art Institute and while it was enjoyable, let’s be honest, today was really about my hair.

Today was my second morning to style the new do and I tried to make it more messy by straightening it first and curling a few scattered chunks. Unfortunately, I live in the windiest city on the planet, so no amount of product could save me from mother nature. Whatever. I’m already scheming what tomorrow’s new hair styling will be. Two words: hot rollers.

Now I’m going to make an abrupt blog post transition.

Today I found out that the greatest, happiest, joyous, craziest, luckiest thing is happening on July 29th. The store that makes America’s women swoon is opening one block away from our apartment. One block! Are you ready for this??


Welcome to the neighborhood, Targ! We’re going to become very close friends.


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