Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day

I’m all about the holidays. From Christmas to Memorial Day, I don’t discriminate! Growing up, St. Patrick’s Day (SPD) always held a special place in our family. My lil bro, the family fave, especially loved SPD. He had a green beanie baby bear named Gren, he opened up an in-house “restaurant” during March called The Blarney Stone, and he got to skip school to go to the SPD parade with my parents (in all fairness, he was homeschooled). I’ll be honest, most of his SPD love was between the ages of 3-13. Now he’s 18 and probably doesn’t even remember the time he cried when he left Gren at an NBA game and my dad came home with a new Gren (unbeknownst to mah bro).

Now I live with Man BFF who didn’t even know SPD was March 17th! Ay yi yi, it’s hard for me to even understand. Lucky for him, this year I’m going all out. We’re in Chicago, we’re having friends visit, and we’re eating corned beef for the first time. Tonight Man BFF and I headed to the grocery store to prep for the weekend. Tobias was excited to see some of the Irish bounty.

In addition to the Irish foodstuffs, we’re getting our green outfits ready for the big day. Without giving too much away, here’s Tobias wearing my fave part of my SPD outfit.

I call this look Mr. and Mrs. Hello Kitty. So chic! So ready for SPD!

Now I’m off to google “how to cook corned beef.” Wish me luck!


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