Primary Colors

Yesterday Man BFF and I were part of the 23% of Chicagoans who got out the vote. Come on, Chicago! Why didn’t you vote?! Rude!

I’ve kind of been in love with voting since I was little. I always went with my mom when she voted and I always had a blast.  The stickers. The pollsters. The pregnant chads. What fun!

Now that I’ve been eligible to vote for a few years now, I’ve become a bit obsessive. In college, Man BFF and I attended a costume party dressed as the Pennsylvania and Indiana primaries. Guess whose idea that was? I also used to print off voter registrations for my friends and offer to mail them in for them. So, as you can tell, my voter patriotism runs deep.

Yesterday morning Man BFF and I woke up super early to make sure we had time to vote. Since we were up early, I tried to stick to one of my favorite looks, denim on denim. While my outfit didn’t exactly scream “God Bless America,” it WAS only a primary. I gotta save the all out Americana look for the real deal in November.

God Bless America and God Bless the Texas Tuxedo! Yee haw! And if your primary is still coming up, vote or be a giant lame-o!


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