Spring Shopping (At Kohl’s?)

I’ve never liked shopping at Kohl’s. Every time I go in one I feel claustrophobic from the amount of merch and can’t bring myself to stay long enough to look for something I want to buy. But ever since Lauren Conrad (of The Hills fame) started selling her new line of clothes at Kohl’s, I’ve had a bit more interest in braving the over-stuffed store.

I’ve seen LC’s clothes on a few blogs, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I really took a look at her collection online, and I loved it. I decided to buck my usual trend of buying one thing here and one thing there and I decided to buy several pieces only from LC’s spring collection. Now, my spring wardrobe has a consistent style with the same color palette and seasonal trends. Shopping within one collection, store, or designer may not work for everyone, but as someone who’s obsessed with matching and organization, this new shopping process is the key to solving my usual hours of frustrating shopping from store to store.

But enough about that, bring on the clothes! Here are a few of my favorite items that are now in my closet:

Pretty good for Kohl’s, eh? Can’t wait to see what LC comes out with next!



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