Disney Dreaming

At the end of May my whole family is going to Disney World to celebrate my lil bro’s high school graduation. I’m super excited and, of course, am already planning my outfits. Man BFF and I went to Disney about a year and a half ago (during my no shopping year) so now that I’m shopping, I’m going to take full advantage of it! Here’s what I’m buying, and why.

Peplum Swimsuit: Anthropologie

Ok, I couldn’t find a picture that included the detachable peplum skirt, but be sure to check out the link to see this swimsuit in all it’s glory. Here’s why I love this swimsuit: 1. the solid color side panels are slimming, 2. the peplum skirt covers up mah belly, 3. the strapless style puts a nix on tan lines.

Swimsuit Cover-Up: Victoria’s Secret

Picture the above cover-up in black and that’s what I’m getting (just couldn’t find the pic). I’m usually of the thought that swimsuit cover-ups are an unnecessary purchase, but having a cute dress to throw on to hit the pool bar or grab a snack is definitely a must. Forget the towel!

Flip-Flops: Havaianas

One summer, Man BFF were in Washington DC in the dead of summer and I was wearing a dress and heels while we were walking miles and miles. I was desperate to find a pair of $2 flip flops to switch my heels for, but couldn’t find an Old Navy for the life of me. Finally we stumbled upon a Nine West that had freaking $20 flip flops. Ugh! I finally decided to buy them, and haven’t regretted it since. Years have past and the only flip flops that have remained in my closet are those $20 Havaianas. Walking all over Disney requires a quality sandal and these are the ones!

Sandals – Charlotte Russe

While these sandals are guaranteed to not be as comfortable as the Havaianas they will definitely go with all my fabulous, flirty, and feminine tops from Lauren Conrad’s Kohl’s collection.

Purse – ModCloth

A cross-body bag in Disney is a must! Between photo shoots with the Princesses, frozen Margaritas in Epcot, and running around with my niece and nephew, I’m going to need to have both hands free at all times. This sorbet-colored bag from ModCloth will be the perfect bag to ensure I make the most of Disney.

Shorts/Capris – Kohl’s

To go with all my new LC Lauren Conrad tops from Kohl’s, I’m stocking up on bottoms next. In addition to these floral-print shorts, I’m getting shorts and capris in dark blue denim and white denim. While I’m never thrilled to wear shorts, I am going on vacation so I’m willing to bare the gams for Mickey.

Vacation shopping can be stressful but if you plan ahead you can be prepared and excited about everything you’re bringing. Disney, here I come!


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