Kitteh Hairkut

I used to shell out a hundred bucks to get Tobias groomed but I never felt like they cut his hair short enough. While many Persian kittehs get the lion cut (shaved body, full head of hair), I’ve never been willing to go that far. Since I never liked the cut-job the groomers did, I decided about a year ago to take matters into my own hands and cut him myself with nothing but a pair of fiskars. Here’s how I do it:


Cat brush, scissors (fiskars are my scissor of choice), plastic bag (to contain the cut-off fur), and kitteh treats (when baby starts to get fussy).


I’ve found that the key to keeping kitty still is to lock him tight in between my legs. Now, I’m not being cruel or anything, but he’s snug enough that he can’t run away at a moment’s notice. Doesn’t he look like he’s loving it?

Don’t let him fool you, he loves the attention.


After a few treats and some time on his heating pad, kitteh decided to forgive me for his hour-long haircut. While his fur does look a little choppy after I give it a cut, within a few weeks the choppiness grows out and he looks just perf.

But come on, how cute is he?


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