Maxi Dress Mania

Man BFF loves me in a good maxi dress. I’ve never been crazy about maxi dresses, but I’m happy to dress for mah boo. On Mother’s Day, my mom and I went on a shopping spree at Old Navy (don’t judge) and I actually got some super cute maxi dresses for our upcoming Disney vacation. The great thing about maxis is that they’re so versatile. Dressy, casual, swimsuit cover-up? You name it, maxi dresses got your back. Here are the dresses I bought!

Here’s a tip for buying maxi dresses: only buy lined dresses. While there are some cute unlined maxis out there, avoid them at all costs to avoid embarrassing sweaty situations in hot weather 🙂


2 thoughts on “Maxi Dress Mania

  1. So THAT’s where that blue dress is from! There’s a girl (woman, I guess would be the correct term) at my church who has the second dress you bought, and I love it! I’ve been wondering where she got it but never asked.

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