Vacation Reading

While we’re only going on vacation for a few days, I wanted to ensure that I had a wide selection of book options for the plane, the pool, and bed time. This weekend, I headed over to Chicago’s Harold Washington Library, paid my $3.20 library fine, and picked up a few books. Here’s what’s on my reading list this week!

Gorilla Beach

Think what you want, but I love me some Snooki. Am I confused that Snooki is an author? Yes. Will it be more poorly written than Kris Jenner’s memoir? Yes. Will I be thoroughly entertained by this book? Yes.

The Wedding Promise

Thomas Kinkade? I know, too soon, but what better way to honor his legacy than to read one of his books (that I had no idea existed until this weekend). Usually I opt for some good ol’ Nicolas Sparks when I need some mindless reading, but I’m kinda getting bored by his formulaic love stories. Will this book be just as formulaic as N. Sparks? Yes. Will I love it? Yes.


I’m nothing if not well rounded! A few months ago, Oprah interviewed a group of Hasidic Jewish women in Brooklyn and Man BFF and I were super fascinated (mainly because they don’t have TVs). About the same time as Oprah interviewed these women, I heard about the book Unorthodox, the story of a woman who leaves the Hasidic Jewish community. When I’ve had enough of Snooks and Thomas Kinkade, Unorthodox will definitely provide a relief from the fluff.

So much to read. So little time!


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