Celebrity CopyKat

You don’t have to convince me that peplum dresses are hot right now, but here’s some celebrity backing if you haven’t jumped on the boat yet. This week the future Mrs. Kanye Kardashian was spotted in Paris wearing a nude peplum dress with some va-va-voom cleavage.

Kim’s hourglass figure makes the peplum pop, but trust me, peplum is flattering on all body shapes (even those of us not blessed with famous curves). Take Kristen Wiig’s boyish figure for example.

Wait, er, what? B*tch stole my look alert! While K-Wiig is famously rail-like and K-Dash is famously bootylicious, armed with peplum, Kristen is giving Kim a run for her bodacious money (ok, maybe not in the chest department).

Inspired by Kristen? You too can go from a blah-figure to a vivacious-figure with this dress from Celeb Boutique!

For less than $200, this dress gives us non-celebrities the illusion of an even thinner waistline by utilizing the white accents. The white shoulder accents create the look of wider shoulders, a classic fashion tool used to shrink your waste (shoulder pads, anyone?). And the white accent around the waist creates a belt-cinching affect, every woman’s secret for a thinner waist. Pair this dress with some strappy sandels, stick straight hair, and a metallic cuff to complete the look!

Are you ready to give peplem a try? Heck, make it nude! You might be surprised at how Kardashian you can look!


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